Jamie Ivins

Welcome to my photography website. I am a wedding photographer who also teaches workshops where you can learn lighting, posing and many other things that will improve your photography. Use the contact form below to get in touch.

Upcoming Photography Workshops

Lighting and modifiers

City: New York

Date: June

This is the workshop to take if you want to up your lighting game. The whole workshop is 2 days long and I cover everything I know about lighting. Most of the workshop will be in studio and you get to use all my lighting equipment and modifiers. We will start off with simple flashlights and build up a scene by adding more lights and shaping the light with softboxes, reflectors and modifiers.

Often overlooked, lighting is far more important than your camera and lens. Learn how to control lighting and take your photography to the next level. There will be a maximum of 4 people per workshop and models are also provided. You will be able to keep the photos you take and use them in your portfolio.


City: New Jersey

Date: September

Posing is often the achilles heel for new photographers. The prospect of having a model in front of you and having to direct them into a pose is very challenging. This is on top of all the other thing like lighting and costumes that you have to keep an eye on. This workshop is designed from the ground up and assumes that you have no prior knowledge. I have broken down the steps to get the right poses for your models and you will get my entire blueprint.

We will start with the most common 5-7 poses that are easy to learn and build from there. Although the focus of the workshop is female models, we will cover male models too so there is something to learn for everyone.

Skype Consultation

I also offer hourly skype consultations if you have come stuck with something in your photography or business. I have been running a successful photography studio for over a decade and have dealt with many challenges over the years. There is a lot of nuances that go into running a successful photography studio and I can help you with any problems you have. If you are only interested is photography, we can work on that too and I can answer your questions about cameras, lenses, editing or any other facet of photography.

Photoshop and Lightroom workshops

Currently on hold.

No Photo is complete without a little bit of editing magic. Photoshop can be quite indimidating for newbies. The biggest mistake you can make while editing your photos is doing too much. This workshop is designed to teach you how to edit your photos consistently and come up with a workflow that works for you and enables you to spend more time on actually taking photos. We will be going through Adobe photoshop and Lightroom and you will leave with enough knowledge to edit your photos to your own vision.

Mirrorless Video

Currently on hold.

I have a lot of experience making videos with Mirrorless cameras. From capturing slow mo to fast sports shots, you will learn how to capture exciting, encaptivating videos. You can see this Leica video project to get an idea of the kind of thing you can expect to learn. Whether it be a short story or long form video, story is everything. We will sit down and go through the entire process from start to finish so you can make your next short film.

Why Photographers need to focus on SEO

When done correctly, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an incredibly powerful tool for photographers. It helps them to reach potential customers and increase sales. Here are some of the top reasons why photographers should focus on their websites Search engine optimization:

1 Visibility- Utilizing keywords in your content, titles and descriptions will help search engines find you more easily among countless competitors out there. This translates into higher visibility online which leads to increased engagement including people who may become future clients reserving sessions with you or purchasing prints from your shop! If you need to track your keyword rankings on google, use a service like https://serps.cloud/serp-checker to keep on top of your rankings.

2 High Quality Traffic -By optimizing content according to various best practices such as using relevant headlines/title tags etc., small businesses like yours get preferential treatment when it comes time to being picked by Google. The traffic coming via organic searches is going to be much more targeted than most other sources (referral traffic etc) because its users are actively looking for results related to what photography service / offering they need.


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